Veterinary Medical Equipment Grant

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Grant Overview

This grant program is for nonprofit animal welfare organizations and/or government animal service agencies to provide funding for the purchase of veterinary medical equipment for use at on-site clinics, pop-up clinics, mobile veterinary units, disaster relief vehicles, etc. Equipment must be used to treat owned or adoptable companion pets within a few months or so of receiving grant funding. Grant funding can be used to purchase a variety of medical equipment such as anesthesia and dental equipment, digital x-ray imaging systems and accessories, ultrasounds, autoclaves and sterilizers, centrifuges, surgical tables and lighting, etc.

Funding can be used to cover the total purchase price of equipment 
up to $15,000.00 or can be used toward the purchase price of higher priced items.

Due to significant demand, we prioritize funding for organizations that need to replace old, unsafe, or broken equipment, those who need equipment to make treatment safer for the animals they serve, and those who want to bring services in-house in order to reduce wait time and costs at a private clinic. We also prioritize funding for equipment that will serve both adoptable and owned pets.

We are unable to fund equipment for sole use on equine, sanctuary, livestock, wildlife or feral animals. We are not able to reimburse for equipment you have already purchased, and we cannot fund kennels, used equipment, or equipment repairs.

Please be prepared to provide the following attachments:
  • A narrative including general information about your organization and programs, need for equipment, how equipment will be used, your plan for evaluating impact of new equipment, and all collaborating organizations and other funding sources.
  • Detailed program budget.
  • Photos of clinic/vehicle where equipment will be used, or diagram of proposed construction.
  • IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter.
Gap year requirement:
Organizations can only be approved for funding once per 12 month grant cycle, and for a total of two consecutive years. If you have been approved for a grant within the past 12 months, we are unable to consider you for additional funding at this time. If you have been funded by the Banfield Foundation for the last two years, you will not be considered for a third year of funding. After a gap year, you will, however, be able to apply for funding again. Funding through our Disaster Relief Grant is exempt from the gap year requirement. If you have any questions on whether your organization is eligible, or any questions related to grant applications, please don’t hesitate to email

Applications will be accepted and reviewed quarterly throughout the months of February, May, August and November with a deadline for submissions on the last day of these months. We will notify you of the status of your application the subsequent month.
Primary Contact Person

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Organization Information

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Program Information

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Describe your organization and need for equipment. Please copy and paste these questions into your  narrative, and be sure respond to each of the following.
Do not exceed four pages.
  1. General information about your organization and your various programs.
  2. Describe the equipment you need, and why you need it. Are you expanding your clinic, upgrading old/broken/unsafe equipment, other?
  3. Estimate the number of pets this equipment will impact over the next five years.
  4. Will this equipment be used for your own adoptable pets? Owned pets in the community? Used for adoptable pets at other partner shelters or rescues?
  5. What treatment or services do you provide to these pets? 
  6. When will you begin using this equipment?
  7. Describe your on-site clinic, mobile clinic, or pop-up clinic where this equipment will be used. If you are in the process of building or remodeling a clinic, please provide details including construction timeline, estimated completion date, etc.
  8. Please provide information on who will be using this equipment, i.e. staff veterinarians, certified veterinary technicians, volunteer veterinarians, etc. Will a licensed veterinarian order the equipment?
  9. Describe your plan for evaluating the impact of this equipment for your organization, staff, community, number of pets helped by your organization, etc. (Describe efficiencies, or how you'll utilize cost savings)
  10. Will you be collaborating with other organizations? If so please list.
  11. List all funders for which you have received or requested funding for this project, including amounts. If there is gap between funds raised (including the requested amount from the Banfield Foundation) and the total cost of equipment, please describe your plan and timeframe for making up the difference.
  12. In your last full year of operation, what percentage of the funds you raised went directly to support programs?
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your PDF files at a free resource such as
Program Budget
Please attach a detailed program budget, including type of equipment, model numbers, manufacturer, purchase price, etc. If you have a purchase order or quote for the equipment, please include.
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as
IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter
If you are a governmental organization and not a 501(c)(3) please submit your Letter 4076C
Photos or Diagrams
Please attach photos of clinic or vehicle where equipment will be used. If part of a larger project such as a surgical suite or area under construction, please include a diagram of the project.
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files or attach in a zip folder.
Photo Attachments
Upload at least one photo, high-resolution preferred, that best represents this program or your organization. Please ensure photo permissions allow for Banfield Foundation’s use.

If you have more than one photo to share, select "Add another response" below.
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as
Other Attachments
If you have any other attachments that you would like to add (e.g. full organizational budget, references from organizations with whom you collaborate, news and PR, or photos) please attach them below. If you have more than one file to attach please select 'Add another response.'
All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as