Disaster Relief Grant 

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Grant Overview

NOTE: If you are unable to successfully submit an application due to lack of internet, computer access, or other issues, please contact grants@banfieldfoundation.org directly for assistance. 

This grant program is for nonprofit animal welfare organizations and/or government animal service agencies whose communities suffer the impact of unanticipated natural or other disasters. Grants will assist organizations that have been directly affected, or are helping other pets or organizations in need. While we support and encourage disaster preparedness efforts, we prioritize funding for immediate disaster relief and assess our ability to help with preparedness requests at the end of the year.


To be considered for a Disaster Relief Grant you must meet these guidelines for eligibility:

  • Nonprofit or governmental agency, such as municipal or county animal control, with an animal welfare mission or a direct relationship with an animal welfare organization. 
  • Have been directly affected by a recent disaster or emergency situation and/or are assisting in an affected area.

Grant funding can be used for:

  • Medical supplies and veterinary care treatment for pets.
  • Pet food and pet supplies, including crates, etc.
  • Temporary shelter or boarding costs for rescued or at-risk pets.
  • Other immediately needed materials including cleaning supplies, tarps, bedding, blankets, etc. to keep pets safe and comfortable.
  • Transportation costs to rescue or relocate pets.
  • Other expenses related to providing temporary shelter for rescued pets including overtime salaries, rental equipment or facilities, cleanup costs, etc.
  • Reimbursement up to three months post-disaster for expenses incurred and related to the above. 

We cannot help with:

  • Requests related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Hoarding or abuse cases.
  • Feral populations.
  • Programs solely dedicated to sanctuary animals/equine/livestock/wildlife assistance.

Primary Contact Person

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Organization Information

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Program Information

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Briefly describe your organization, the disaster you are responding to, and how this grant funding will be used. Please copy and paste these questions into your narrative, and be sure respond to each of the following.


  1. General information about your organization, your mission, and your programs.
  2. Describe the recent disaster or situation.
  3. How has your organization been directly impacted, or if you are assisting other partners, how have they been impacted?
  4. Describe exactly how funding will be used and how it will help your organization and/or pets in need.
  5. How many pets will this funding impact, and how many pets total do you expect to help during this disaster?
  6. Will you be collaborating with other organizations? If so, list their names and division of responsibilities.
  7. List all funders for which you have received or requesting funding for this project, and including amounts.

Program Budget

Please attach total project budget and detail how exactly Banfield Foundation funding would be used.

IRS 501©3 Determination Letter or Letter 4076C

If you are a governmental organization and do not have 501(c)(3) determination letter, your Letter 4076C describes your status as a tax-exempt organization.

Photo Attachments

Upload at least one photo, high-resolution preferred, that best represents this program or your organization. Please ensure photo permissions allow for Banfield Foundation’s use. 

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Optional Attachments

Optional attachments may include:

  • Letters of recommendation from organizations with whom you collaborate or have firsthand knowledge of your organization.
  • Current organization yearly budget.
  • Other supporting materials including program brochures, news articles, photos of impact, etc.
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